Dogshells Photo Shoot in Nashville, TN

We were in Nashville this weekend shooting photos for our soon-to-hatch website.  What a great time — cooperative weather, gorgeous dogs, open grassy fields, delicious southern BBQ and live country music.  Dogshells was on the verge of relocating to Nashville (we’re only partially kidding).

Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come on our website.  

Our awesome creative director, Jeff Perky ( is setting up the scene at the Perky studio.


Our talented Neely Catignani ( getting a close up on the product.

Our product (see description below)!

Some of our outdoor shots with thanks to our dog models, Lady, Penny, Gracie, Cookie, Miley, Gizmo and Gadget.

Dogshells is an all natural calcium supplement for dogs.  It’s made of 100% ground eggshells and it’s designed to compliment a homemade meal, raw or cooked.  We partner with local restaurants and vendors who share our vision of holistic, earth-conscious living and set them up with our eggshell recycling program.  We then put the shells through our unique formula so that you can safely add them to your dog’s meal.  You can buy our product through our website (as you can see, we’re still working on it) or through selected retailers.

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