Dogshells in Seoul, South Korea

Our doggie adventures in Seoul, South Korea showed us a sprawling and growing dog culture.  We saw sleepy street dogs guarding owner establishments, puppy beds line-drying outside of dog boutiques, dog cafes where dogs and owners can happily eat at one table and cute dog clothing sold by street vendors! Beyond that, we also found that people are actually cooking for their dogs! From seaweed soup with dices of meat, to homemade dehydrated chicken jerky, to meat patties with loads of asian veggies.  It seems that dog owners everywhere are hopping on the bandwagon to try healthy and nutritious homemade meals for their pets. Dogshells was there to conduct some first-hand market research and to figure out how much people knew about the importance of calcium supplementation in a homemade diet.  Our signature product, Dogshells, an all-natural calcium supplement made from 100% pure ground eggshells will be available for purchase via in the coming months.

Our next doggie adventure will be in Nashville. Stay tuned.

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